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The latest interesting, unusual, weird or just plain entertaining art videos from around the world pertaining to our themed competitions.


 today's channel: outsider, visionary & naive art  

Take 1:  The Language of Dreams

A cornacopia of Art Brut, Outsider, Visionary and Naive Art


Take 2:  Sanford Smith's Feb, 2011 OUTSIDER ART FAIR in NYC

A brief tour of the art show by James Kalm:  with the current state of art and "critical theory" having reached a level of hermetic indecipherability, audiences and artists have sought more meaningful content. Authenticity had become the new measure of relevance and with a few exceptions Outsider art is being reconsidered as the locus of a revived humanism...works by many of the best known Outsiders including: Purvis Young, Howard Finster, Bill Traylor, William Hawkins, Michel Nedjar, George Widner et al.


Take 3: The Terrible Life and Pure Art of Judith Scott

Born a twin with Down Syndrome, Judith Scott was left by her parents at the age of six at a mental institution in Columbus, Ohio.  Both deaf and mute she went on to create amazing pieces of art that incorporates yarn, cord and things in her environment.  She is today a critically acclaimed artist, yet is unable to grasp the concept of fame.  Perhaps it's for the better.