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videos on art as a medium for change

Does Art Educate or Brainwash?

ArtSubstance.com presents "Entrapment" by Belowzero the "Battle Artist!" and featuring NYOIL, Dead Prez and X-ecutioners on the topic of the brainwashing of our youth.

Jon Tsoi, Revolutionary Artist and Oriental Medical Doctor

Jon Tsoi, Artist and Oriental medical doctor, considers his fine art to an extension of his healing arts. As a disciple of the philosophies of buddha and confucius, Jon Tsoi"s mission is to empower his art with the complementary energy forces of Yin and Yang. He states, "after people see and think my art, my wish is that they see and feel the whole universe and themselves differently.

Art to Awaken

Youth art and hip hop show put on by the Art and Social Change Project of Earth Care's Youth Allies at Warehouse 21 in Santa Fe, NM April 16th, 2011.