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Winner of the Winter 2013 Competition
The World Through My Eyes
Artwork that explores alienation.
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14 x 11 in
150. usd

artist statement

As a participant of a Fulbright-Hays group project abroad in Egypt in 2011, the visual documentation of the month-long experience conveys the world through my eyes. A few days after being notified of acceptance into the program with 10 others the protests in Egypt began. It wasn't until about a month before we were intended to depart did we receive the all clear from the state department to conduct our interdisciplinary study. As the only creative person in the mix, I was able to digest my experience through my photography. Photography was my only language during the month when I could not understand the spoken or written word. Our time in Egypt (primarily Alexandria and Cairo) was intensive as the Friday protests re-surfaced the week we arrived. We had police escorts daily and were told not to go anywhere by ourselves. On an excursion to Rashid, I was immersed in the life of this country that was distant from the turmoil where people spent time interacting with their neighbors. Taken in the market, this image captures the universality of happiness.


I received an MFA in graphic design from the University of Florida but have been documenting life through photography since my early years. As a visual person, photography is my way of being present in the world. As a traveler and adventurer, photography is a translation of my experiences and memories. Some opportunities, such as the one in Egypt, allow me to experiment with the new form of digital and random timing. Once interested in sports photography, my reflexes and timing are keen.

2007-present Associate Professor of Graphic Design, Roger Williams University