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 about robert doak, artist and paint master/colorist

Robert Doak, a native New Yorker, believes he was born to be a colorist.  His dad, an amateur artist, had a big influence on him.  At about 4 or 5 years old, he started to play with mixing colors and exploring art.  He had no formal art education; as a self-taught artist he honed his skills and technique through art books.  Starting with figurative work he eventually evolved to abstract art, moving from drawing to painting to woodwork.

As with most artists, Robert had to earn a living through other endeavors and chose to renovate residences, commercial locations and art book stores.  Using his artistic skills in woodworking and design, he became sought after through word of mouth recommendations.  He continued to paint, and made friends in the art world. Unhappy with the quality of paints available, he started mixing his own to achieve the colors that expressed his vision.  So when the contract work dwindled necessity forced him to reevaluate his relationship with art. He invested all he had to forge a business selling his custom-made paint.  In 1992, along with his wife Joyce, he opened the doors to his current shop on Bridge Street in Brooklyn. They achieved great success and enjoyed a wonderful marriage, until her death in 2007.  

Robert Doak made a name for himself among artists by being a colorist extraordinaire, as well as by giving classes to young artists from various schools to teach the art of mixing and creating custom colors. Robert would also counsel artists in their studios and to this day still gives advice freely on what types of colors and mediums would work best for the effects artists are seeking in their work.  His paint is a favorite among many established artists who use his paints exclusively to achieve world class results.  Artists at all levels know taking advice from the Paint Master/Colorist himself, will only help make them better as they will learn many invaluable tricks and techniques.  Some of the more well known artists who swear by his paint and colors are: 

  • John Currin, NYC-based artist.  John Currin wrote in a New York Magazine article that Robert Doak, "Is the greatest colorist in the world."
  • Cecily Brown, British NYC-based artist, NYC based, has been using Robert Doak's paints for most of her career.  
  • Laura Owens, NYC-based artist, currently exhibiting at Whitney Museum. 

Ever driven, Robert Doak has no plans to retire.  Always striving to do better, he continues to master the art of developing fine paints by learning new techniques and coming up with new ideas for his pigments and other materials. He is excited to be a juror in Art Scene Today's competition and looks forward to using his extensive expertise in selecting interesting and provocative winners!