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Winner of the Summer 2013 Competition
A contemporary look at an ancient subject.
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crocheted upcycled fabric
5 x 7 in
1000. usd

artist statement

Dark clouds, plumes, and projection maps are the rising stars in our daily intake of news media. My work investigates these brumes and billows formally as well as analyzing their participation in a discussion about the future of this planet. Mankind’s false sense of control over natural resources leaves us vulnerable to nature’s powerful acts of reclamation: hurricanes, floods and the ground sinking beneath our feet. I explore the relationship between man and environment through events close to my personal experience such as Hurricane Katrina; the BP oil spill in the Gulf; and other contemporary political and ecological catastrophes.

Accompanying the prints and watercolors I make on this theme, I create collections of crocheted pieces called Foot Prints. These large, low relief fabric sculptures are assembled from printed scraps as well as repurposed clothing. The pluming shapes of the Foot Prints mirror Doppler images of monstrous weather conditions, encroaching on the tenuous infrastructures of cities and ecosystems. The depiction of dangerous substances and serpentine weather systems functions as a reoccurring image throughout--as setting, victim and protagonist.


Hannah March Sanders received her BFA at Tulane University and an MFA in printmaking from Louisiana State University. Along with her husband, Blake, Hannah operates Orange Barrel Industries, an artist collaborative that organizes portfolio exchanges, exhibitions and other art events (http://orangebarrelindustries.com).

In recent years, Hannah has exhibited work across the globe at the Printmaking in Graafika Festival in Estonia; The Shed in Galway, Ireland; Global Vision at Kyoto Seika University in Japan; New Narratives at the International Print Center New York; and 30 Years of LSU Printmaking at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans.  She currently teaches foundations at the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

other works by the artist