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Winner of the Summer 2013 Competition
A contemporary look at an ancient subject.
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Jane Parker - DRIFT
Jane Parker - DRIFT
mixed media, 57 x75cm

artist statement

In my painting practice I express the myriad layers of our natural environment, whether it be geometrical structures, flora and fauna or metaphysical referencing.  I have developed a complex iconography to show the relationship between all elements of our universe. I paint on canvas using acrylics. 

The work is embellished with gold, silver and collage elements not visible in these photographs. Universal synchronicity, the environment both natural and constructed, and cycles of regeneration are my creative concerns. I express this with my intricate and rich painting technique and patterning both to study these relationships and to understand our sense of place as human beings.

In contradiction of theories of individualism, my meditations have formed a belief that we exist within an intricate web of the physical, organic, inorganic and metaphysical in which each form is a sum of the whole. As William Blake (1757-1827) stated in his poem Auguries of Innocence:

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.




2012 to present:  commission work

2011: finalist Moreton Art Award

2010:  November-December group exhibition Moreton Regional Gallery, Brisbane

2010:  October,  Incub8r group show Exquisite corpse participant; Juggler's Art Space Brisbane October onwards, featured in Telegraph UK online gallery Outsider Artists

2009: featured artist on American online gallery? www.outsiderart.info

2008: selected finalist Churchie emerging art award 2009: Entrant Artworkers award; selected finalist in Moreton Bay Art Awards

2003-2007: working full time in an unrelated field and undertaking private commission work and research into the concepts for my current creative concerns.

2002: exhibition of digital large format prints at Noosa Regional Gallery 2003; selected entrant in Churchie emerging art award and winner Caloundra art competition digital art prize.

1998-2000: Bachelor of Arts majoring in Computer Based Art and Design at Sunshine Coast University

1992-1998: private commission work with painting

1992:  exhibition at Noosa Regional Gallery