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Winner of the Fall 2012 Competition


An exploration of the role of color in art
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acrylic on canvas, 53 x 40in

artist statement

Of all the influences in my work the most powerful is likely the use of color and abstraction.

I rarely paint the physical reality in front of me, but it may inspire a concept, an idea or a response which usually evolves around the notion of “What if....?” Only in art and the imagination are we free to explore the hypothetical.

At times the concept is rooted in reality, sometimes in history, observations of human behavior or simply a memory. Frequently perception can be more fascinating than reality and become the foundation of a new concept.



Randi Johns graduated Cum Laude from University of Houston with a five year degree in architecture and practiced architecture both in United States and Denmark, where she grew up. For her, art and architecture are intrinsically interrelated:  "Architecture is functional art."

Randi has painted periodically most of her adult life in one function or another. Sometimes just because she needed to immerse herself in form and color, at times as a professional working with a long term institutionalized patient group, sometimes providing art therapy in Yugoslavian refugee camps in Europe and sometimes toiling with architectural presentation drawings.

After moving to South Carolina she can finally indulge in painting, on her own terms, full time.  She has exhibited in numerous places in each country where she has resided for an extended period, such as the U.S, Mexico and Denmark, Denmark where her interactive murals are placed on the walls of many institutions in the ancient town of Ribe.



The Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, SC. 

Columbus Museum, Georgia

Pickens County Museum, South Carolina 

Lyn Galleria in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The professional counterpart to AIA (American Institute of Architects) in Mexico City