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Winner of the Spring 2012 Competition
Stranger in Strange Land
Artwork that explores alienation.
3rd Place Winner.jpg
collage,painting and drawing on canvas
40 x 48 in

artist statement

I  have  dedicated my  entire life to the arts. Collage, drawing and mixed media are my usual forms of expression. Among my most frequent themes are: women's issues, human rights, war, inequality and oppression of mankind by himself.

"Delicate Touch" was part of an exhibition about the loses and gains in fighting against cancer,  which I call the Breast Symphony. This show will never finish in my mind and  I remember when creating  this piece, I could feel  the strength ,delicacy and power of a simple touch. 


Tania Botelho was born  in Brazil and moved to Houston in early 90s.  Starting out as a ballet dancer she was also  part of an acting company called Pitu for nine years in Brasilia. She continued her acting career in Rio de Janeiro where she worked in various plays and musicals. Rania later had the chance to work for a  local TV network in  soap operas, TV series and appeared in a few  movies. She has participated in the Orpheus and Eurydikes opera in Chicago with the Parachute Performance group. Performing arts pushed her into the visual art world and allowed her to develop a very interesting  fusion of both acting and visual techniques and creativities.

Tania has participated in several group and individual exhibitions in Houston, Europe and South America and has attended  a few art residency programs in Vermont Studio Center and Virginia Creative Center of Art in Virginia. She was awarded  a scholarship at Glassell School of Art in Houston and studied collage, assemblage, drawing, painting and mixed media.

She is always researching, recycling and sharing ideas about new techniques and experiments and wants her art to be strong , provocative and an instrument to promote art as an educational and valuable cultural tool for society.