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Winner of the Winter 2012 Competition
The voice of women artists in the 21st century.
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digital imaging
14 x 18 in
150. usd giclee print 

artist statement

I consider my work to be bohemian surreal, an escape from conformity.  I am interested in bucking pop-culture ideas of women and the unrealistic altruistic characteristic of being a woman.  I use satire, along with other tools such as sexuality, taboos, death, loneliness, femininity, entomology, and anatomy to uncover anxieties and to analytically display them to the viewer.

My images are self-portraits or narratives that are greatly influenced by Frida Kahlo, Joel Peter Witkin, Remedios Varo, Maggie Taylor and Tilman Faelker.  Other elements in my work deal with personal influences such as Catholicism, childhood, Mexico, and my ethnicity.

Behind the control box relates to the theme of post-feminism in that it is the response of gaining the lost control back.  A person can be controlled to the point that they can no longer recognize who they are or what they have become.

The mirror is an object from distant past to the now.  It is an object used to look at the physical form.  In esoteric forms it is a symbolism of spiritual reflection.  It also references past feminist esthetics.  The mirror is used as a symbol of physical and spiritual reflection.  The reflection of the person inside is broken up, and seems to be reaching out to the physical form.  The face is unrecognizable because there is no stable identity.  The conundrum between the two is that they are searching to become one and to become recognizable.  To find the identity that was lost.  The broken pieces must be put together.  The search must be worked out within spiritually so that physical identity is recognizable.


Yvonne Lazos was born in El Paso, Texas.  She owned her first fuchsia Kodak Instamatic at the age of 11.  She is an emerging digital artist working in surrealism because it allows her to work out past experiences or address anxieties that she experiences in life or observes in other lives.  Digital imaging allows her to be honest and imaginative at the same time. 


B.F.A. Art Concentration in Photography, Minor in Art History  University of Texas at Arlington, 2012
Special Studies: Body As Resource w/ Richard Klein, Wintermester 2012



ATPI Invitational Showcase', Fine Arts Bldg, UT Arlington, Feb 5 - 15 2012
Truck Gallery, Dallas, UT Arlington November 2011
College Hall Invitational Showcase, College Hall, UT Arlington October 2011