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The latest interesting, unusual, weird or just plain entertaining art videos from around the world pertaining to our themed competitions.


 today's channel: fire beneath the ice

Take 1:  Studio Alchemist

Part ritual, part circle of learning, the Studio Alchemist enacts the passing of secret (yet hidden in plain sight) knowledge, endowing his disciples one by one with a form of enlightenment sought by many, gifting known truths not often spoke of.



Take 2: Naked City Spleen  & Under the Skin Series by Miru Kim

The photography series of abandoned urban landscapes such as subway stations, tunnels, aqueducts, factories, hospitals, and shipyards had NYC artist Miru Kim venturing into places where most of us would not dare enter and portraying herself in these urban places forgotten by society.  A more recent series has her sneaking into various industrial pig farms and posing in the midst of thousands of pigs awaiting slaughter.

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